GEM-T Cell Medicine

At Achelois, we discovered genetic-enhancing modifiers (GEMs) that can reprogram tumor-targeting T cells to overcome immune suppression and eliminate cancer. GEMs can be used to program tumor-targeting T cells, including CAR-T cells, TCR-T cells, and TILs (tumor-infiltrated lymphocytes), to enable effective T cell therapy for cancer.

Achelois GEM-T Cell Medicine Platform

GEM-T Cell Medicine Platform

GEM-Programmed T Cell Medicine Pipeline

T Cell Cancer Treatment Data

Antivirus for Pandemic Viruses

Achelois has developed variant-resistant antiviral therapeutics, called Antiviruses, to fight and prevent COVID-19. Using multivalent display technology inspired by viruses themselves, Antiviruses function as virus Velcro and turn one of viruses’ greatest strengths against them. Unlike vaccines and antibody treatments, which constantly have to adapt to changing variants, Antiviruses are variant-resistant and suitable for both prevention and treatment.

Meet Antivirus: Fighting Viruses with Multivalence

COVID Antivirus

Antivirus Therapeutic Pipeline

Antivirus Treatment Data
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